About Us

The Regalettes are committed to education, cultural and civic activities. For the last 60 years, they have acknowledged, sponsored, and financially assisted youths who are financially, educationally, and culturally deprived. The Regalettes quickly gained recognition by organizing a whirlwind of fundraising events with such glamour and aplomb, they were recognized all over the country. From the inception of their very first event, unique presentation and the element of surprise kept people asking for more. The first Regalettes Garden Party caught the attention of all, as each member strolled around the gardens of the Old Sugar Hill Mansions in hats made of fresh cut flowers. In September of 1958, they sponsored their first Yacht Cruise and in 1960, made their way to the famous Sunset Strip where they held their first Anniversary Dinner Dance at the world famous Ciros with Sammy Davis, Jr. and Nancy Wilson as guests. Due to Gertrude Gipson Penland's contacts in the entertainment industry, stars of stage, screen and television were always accessible to the Regalettes. They clamored to participate in fundraisers or be guests at Regalettes sponsored affairs. Regalettes fundraisers have ran the gamut from the sublime to the fun ridiculous with events, such as, the Hobo party in '65; the Boogaloo fundraiser in '66; their famous Stone Soul Picnics in the '70's; and the Gong Shows in the early '80's. The Regalettes have also hosted various African American movie premiere fundraisers, Blackula; Sugar Hill; The River Niger; Penitentiary I & II; and more recently OG-Original Gangstas. But on December 13, 1981, when the Regalettes' first "All Male Celebrity Fashion Show" bowed in Hugh Heifer's Playboy Club, it was said, that show "shook the town". It has grown to be the most widely emulated of all Regalettes fundraisers to this day; as well as, our all female celebrity and professionals fashion show, "Women on the Move". Most recently, the Regalettes successfully hosted Kentucky Derby Day at the Races with guest wearing traditional Kentucky Derby garb and sipping mint juleps. The Regalettes, Inc is comprised of women working together in a “Regal” manner creating a special gift that has bonded them together over the years in “sisterhood”. They have given over $350,000 in scholarships to deserving students, contributed to many charitable organizations including: the United Negro College Fund; the L.A. Spastic Foundation; Sickle Cell Research Foundation; St Jude Hospital, where special recognition was given for their contribution; and a gift of an artificial limb to an African American teenager are just a few of the contributions made over the years. The Regalettes have made a difference in the lives of many young people and is committed to the continuance of this great legacy.

Regalettes, Inc. Accomplishments

  1.  Award annual scholarships to students for higher education.  Support each student annually until their educational endeavors are achieved.  Currently the Regalettes have awarded over $450,000 in scholarship funding.
  2. Sponsored the gift of an artificial limb to an African American teenager, through the LA Spastic Foundation
  3. Sponsor annual Toy give away to needy families.  Each year distribute 3,000 toys in the community.
  4. Monthly mentoring program for youths in the community.  Partnered with the National Cares Mentoring Movement.
  5. Sponsor annual Thanksgiving food donations to seniors and needy families.
  6. Donations to the United Negro College Fund.  Sponsor a tour for selected students to attend Historical Black Universities (HBU)
  7. Partner with Mothers In Action for the Taste of Soul.  Donations are utilized to support various community outreach program
  8. Awarded scholarships to Southwest Community College Nursing Program
  9. Partnered with Council District 8 on community tree lighting
  10. Support scholarship program for Sister’s Involved In linking Knowledge (SIILK)
  11. Partner with Council District 8 on July 4th community festivities
  12. Support many non-profit organizations with community outreach initiatives